General Technical Description



    Although our AquaPucks may appear to be simple in design they are actually quite complicated. Each type of puck is specifically engineered using a series of complex production processes.  Please select below to see a description of some of the unique components we use to achieve our amazing results.     



ADS AquaFlocTM


ADS BioAssistantTM


Sometimes, smaller is better

    One important component is ADS ReDOXTM, which gives the pucks their ability to effervesce oxygen bubbles in a solution. The tiny bubbles are made up of divalent oxygen molecules. They are 100 times smaller than the smallest bubble the most advanced air diffuser technology can generate.  Because the tiny bubbles consist of pure oxygen they are 4 times more concentrated than bubbles using compressed air, which is typically only 25% oxygen.    

A smaller bubble size means an increased surface area. For example if you take the volume of the large bubble shown below and break it into bubbles that are 100 times smaller.  Although their volume would be equal the tiny bubbles would have 100 times more surface area.







The group of bubbles would have 100 times more Surface Area than the
large bubble even though they are made up of the same Volume.


    The more surface area the bubbles have, the more efficiently they diffuse oxygen as they rise, thereby increasing dissolved oxygen levels and removing harmful dissolved gases from solution.  In addition, a consequence of the bubble’s small size is a lower rise velocity due to increased friction.  Since the bubbles rise to the surface slower they have more time to interact with the solution.  Interaction is crucial because the bubbles degas the solution by exchanging the oxygen inside the bubble for odors and harmful gases which are then purged once the bubble reaches the surface.  Once removed these odors and gases are not recreated as long the solution remains minimally aerobic, a state where the level of dissolved oxygen remains above the limits of anaerobic bacteria.  ADS ReDOXTM will keep the solution minimally aerobic preventing noxious odors and gases from reforming. THIS ENABLES LARGE VOLUMES OF WATER TO BE TREATED WITH SMALL AMOUNTS OF OUR PRODUCT!

 ADS ReDOXTM is 400 times more efficient at gas diffusion due to increased surface area and oxygen concentration. Also their small size means less lift capacity, diminishing their ability to re-suspend previously settled particles. The rising bubbles push suspended particles to the side as they rise. This increases the chances of particle collisions and agglomeration resulting in faster settling due to an increase in mass as two or more suspended particles merge. The benefit is lower TSS values and increased settling rates.

 The mechanical movement and flow created during puck disintegration and the effervescence of ADS ReDOXTM ensures proper mixing without re-suspension of settled solids.

The pucks are Not designed to chemically oxidize the organics in solution, but under unique conditions they are capable of doing so.  When application, storage safety or environmental effects are an issue ADS ReDOXTM can be a viable alternative for chemical oxidation. Consider their use in odor reduction methods in place of concentrated liquid peroxide, potassium permanganate, or calcium nitrate solution.  Please contact a sales technician for further information.


Ancient Alchemy…Modern Applications

    ADS AquaFlocTM is a series of natural botanical proteins, some of which were used by civilizations thousands of years ago to help clarify drinking water.  The use of botanical and natural ingredients affords us the opportunity to displace commonly used toxic chemicals with our products that are both environmentally friendly and sustainable.  The AquaFlocTM Line of botanicals comes from the four corners of the globe and are found in unique environments, ranging from the Deserts of Mexico, to the Rainforests of India.

    To explain how these botanicals work we must describe the environment within the water column.  Imagine suspended solids having areas of both positive and negative electromagnetic charge drifting throughout the water column.  If the suspended solids align properly the areas of opposite charge will attract causing the solids to come together; a process known as agglomeration.  Our line of AquaFlocTM botanicals are naturally charged proteins.  These proteins because of their charge and physical structure are highly interactive and increase suspended solid agglomeration.  In addition if we introduce ADS BioAssistantTM into the water column, it will act as a catalyst, causing the AquaFlocTM botanicals and suspended solids to agglomerate at a faster pace.  As the suspended solids become bigger their buoyancy decreases and the net result is an accelerated settling rate.

    A tremendous advantage to using our AquaFlocTM or BioAssistantTM is their non-toxicity. They have minimal impact on ecosystems and therefore can be used in places where traditional chemicals are excluded from use because of their environmental impact.



Control is Everything

    We have developed a built in technique incorporated into all of our AquaPucksTM called Simultaneous Selective Particle Vectoring (S.S.P.V.). This unique attribute allows us to control the destination of specific components within the puck.  As a puck disintegrates, its components travel to various locations within the water column. To accomplish this exclusive feature we use various substrates for the microbial and nutritional components of the pucks to give us control over particle buoyancy and electromagnetic charge.


    Using S.S.P.V. we ensure the correct ingredients are transported to their proper place; surface, sediment or the center of the water column making our pucks extremely efficient in delivering their payload.  Their high efficiency allows us to minimize application dosage, thereby saving the client money and time.



Using S.S.P.V. we make sure the right ingredients get to where they need to go.

    The mechanical movement and flow created during puck disintegration and the effervescence of ADS ReDOXTM ensures proper mixing without re-suspension of settled solids.


Natural Breakdown 

    ADS BioAssistantTM is unique blend of ethoxylated alcohols. Although this blend’s is non-ionic, it has a very powerful surface effect on suspended and emulsified oils and colloidal suspensions. One example is its ability to reorient the structure of fatty acid micelles (a sphere group of oil molecules) by inverting them.  The changed structure helps to create an ideal environment for our bacteria making the fatty acid more susceptible to biological degradation. Other uses include helping to settle suspended solids, dewatering and separation of oils by phase and molecular weight.