AquaPucks FOG Treatment

Physical Description

Pucks come in two sizes:
3.00 diameter, 150 gram pucks
2.00 diameter , 50 gram pucks

Solid and dense, White with dark specks.
Pucks effervesce when submerged and disintegrate in 2 to 4 hours depending upon flow, temperature and COD.


    Designed for FOG (Fats, Oils, and greases), these pucks are perfect for use in grease interceptors.  Using S.S.P.V. technology the correct strains of microbes are sent up into the grease layer, while suspended particles will settle at a faster rate.  Grease treatment pucks can be used to decrease BOD and T.S.S. preventing costly sewage discharge fines.   

This product is bio-degradable, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Potential areas of use include:

  • External grease interceptors
  • Internal grease interceptors.
  • Wastewater holding tanks, and basins
  • Portable toilet systems

Product specification sheets and MSDS reports can be found here.