AquaPucks Augmentation

Physical Description

Pucks come in two sizes:
3.00 diameter, 150 gram pucks
2.00 diameter, 50 gram pucks

Solid and dense, White in color.

Pucks disintegrate in 4 to 6 hour depending upon flow,
temperature and COD.



    Designed for treatments within wastewater facility as well as directly in ground water collection points such as ponds, lakes and streams, Augmentation uses ADS ReDOXTM to effervesce microscopic divalent oxygen bubbles.  These pucks can be used as a quick response to any spikes in BOD or COD caused by increased rainfall or to boost the performance of other treatments.

 This product is bio-degradable, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

 Potential Areas of use include: 

  • Use in combination with   ADS AquaPucksTM Wastewater Treatment to maintain DO levels between inoculations.
  • Can use to raise DO levels to create aerobic conditions in wastewater Lift-stations, wet wells, force mains, holding tanks and basins
  • Use to oxygenate bioremediation methods including in situ and pump and treat groundwater remediation
  • Use to augment existing aeration infrastructure, boosting efficiency without the necessity for additional equipment
  • Use in place of standard mechanical methods where mechanical aeration is impractical or impossible.
  • Can be used as a chemical oxidation method to reduce COD and BOD, when dosed at high concentrations in a confined space.
  • Can be used in combination with UV light in photo-oxidation methods to produce O3
  • Can use to degas dissolved odors compounds from solution and prevent their recreation by creating aerobic conditions


Product specification sheets and MSDS reports can be found here.