About Aqua Dynamic Solutions


    Aqua Dynamic Solutions is a company dedicated to creating sustainable, bio-degradable environmentally friendly products to help restore the earth’s natural environment.  Our head of research, John DiTuro began in the field of Marine Biology with the aim of solving pollution problems in our Oceans.  To achieve this goal we need to treat all of the various sources and through twenty years of research John developed the means to do so.  ADS creates user friendly products that are totally green; Bio-degradable and environmentally friendly.  Our pucks have the ability to help prevent not only ocean pollution but reclaim our valuable groundwater resources including lakes, ponds and streams.


    All of our technology is based on Bio-mimicry.  Nature is a constant balancing act, unfortunately man has a tendency to overload naturally occurring processes. By mimicking nature we can adjust environments so they are no longer overloaded, then just let nature take its course.  It is very important to reset the natural balance in a way that is sustainable, bio-degradable and environmentally friendly.


Coming Soon:

Hi-Tech meets an environmentally safe method of Pest elimination. See our new website at: (www.noflieszone.com) Now Under Contruction.