Here are some of the areas that AquaDynamic Solutions currently has in Development.

  1. Real-time Zeta potential measurement without dilution in wastewater treatment.
  2. Surface water treatment for eutrophication. (Algal Mats)
  3. Innovative Atmospheric odor removal techniques. (Using thermophilic bacteria and reactive compounds)
  4. Bacterial Biofilter refurbishment.
  5. Alternative Detergents research.
  6. Metals removal in potable water. (primarily Arsenic & Chromium)
  7. In Situ Perchlorate Bioremediation in groundwater.
  8. PCB Remediation in deposited contaminated dredge spoils.
  9. Ultrasonic's in wastewater treatment.
  10. Mechanical Vortexing (non-shearing) separation. (solids separation)